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BizTalk - Importing Bindings with Many Password

Published - Sunday, February 6, 2011

If you ever spend much time exporting and importing apps in BizTalk you will quickly learn that doing so does not copy the passwords of your locations, ftp and otherwise along with it.

My currently client's environment uses copious amounts of ftp locations, too many probably, though that is a different story. However I find myself spending too much time copying the passwords to the new environment every time I import an app.

So I whipped up a small app this weekend that will take command line parameters for the application you want to change, the ftp server you are targeting and the the password to set. This was basically an excuse for me to play around with BizTalk object model as well as experiment with WPF

ChangeFTPPortProperties.exe -application=My.Companies.App -pass=MyNewPass

Within seconds you have all of your send and receive ports who are pointed at configured with the new password.

You can download the exe, and the code below.


I have updated the project. The new code is here

Labels: BizTalk, C#, FTP, Passwords

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